03 March, 2006

Newsflash #1 - Projects status and everyday life things...

Good morning everybody!
Latest news: my KK ranking is down...entered the online code again and my account was reset. :(
I'll get on top soon grrrr! I've made my Game Designer submission on 2nd of March. I'm waiting for feedback! Let's hope it's gonna be ok!

Projects status:

We met on the game's forums the people who play the game, they're all so friendly, they look like a family since they know each other for some time. We've started working on all the features that we'll include in the next InDebara Age. Doc is working hard on the graphics, Sorin is coding all night long and me and Vlad we're breainstorming for game features to please the users of this nice community. We will match the deadline of 10th March. We have too. :) We believe we're on the right path.

X360 Blog!
Started writing on the Xbox 360 dedicated blog. Made a review of the console and games I 1st played on it. Read it all there. ;) Just finished Fifa 06 and got all the achievements for this game, so after King Kong - Fifa was 1st to go down. We now have a gamerscore above average for sure and that is 2700 Achievement Points... :D

Working on the new InDebara project we've discovered how advanced is the current Dominvs engine. It has so many features that it really blows your mind. Maybe it will be a shock for a 4 click player to start playing this but for the freeks it's gonna be their heaven.

Take care everybody! Talk 2 u soon!