02 November, 2006

Alive again...

Hello everybody!
Yes, I'm still alive and moving. :)
So, a lot of things really changed since my last post in ...august...damn man...august... 3 months without a post...I'm really starting to believe that I'm paying this stuff for nothing...
Anyway, a short briefing:

@ Job - working like I'm Satan's helper in Hell, very busy schedule before the Winter Holidays season, currently working on an undisclosed project (yet) on a certain gaming console. What can I say more about this....hmm...it's a god damn hard life being a game designer but it really worths the effort. I'm very satisfied from this point of view even if the crunch time has already begun and we're in such a hurry with all the tasks...and I spend about 12-14 hours/day at the office. We'll surely make an awesome game. I've got a great team formed by very talented, passioned and hard working people so we cannot fail this.

@Home - I've started watching a couple of TV-Series in my tiny bit of spare time and I'm so into "Lost" but mostly "Prison Break" TV-Series. My girlfriend, Iulia, is very fond of "Prison Break" and that means I cannot skip any episode because she'll kill me...so each week I've got to earn my share of goodies by getting that episode downloaded asap. It's a hard knock life isn't it? :)

@ Weekends - mostly occupied by small household business and also it's bills pay day, luckily we've got Internet Banking now and it's much more easier. In the evening we're just spending time with our friends by going out, playing blackjack with them (for real money, that's quite dangerous), sitting @ home and watching some movies...stuff like this...boring but that's what we can afford right now in terms of time consuming activities.

As a final thought, I really enjoy being a Game Designer, I hope to finish the current project very soon and post more often in here. :P
Let's hope I'll have some good news pretty soon. Let's just hope so....
Peace, I'm out, too busy and tomorrow it will be another hard day @ work, so....see you all around.
Cheers from Bucharest, Romania!