22 April, 2006

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!
May all your wishes come true, be healthy and happy!
It's a great moment to spend more time with your family and friends, we all have a small vacation due to this holiday so spend some quality time with your close ones!
Kiss ya' all and have a HAPPY, HAPPY EASTER!

P.S. May the rabbit bring you the cutest gifts you ever wished!

Long time...no see..

Hello ppl!
Long time, no see huh?
Yeah... I've been really busy lately...
So let me keep you posted with the latest news!

Gameloft Game Design application / test:
As I told you already, after receiving the preliminary questions on this I started working on them and submitted my documentation. Good news! Everything was ok so I've got the next task to work on.
"Making the game deisgn document for a mobile platform game"...worked at it for over a month, I still have to make some fine tuning on this and I'll submit it. I'm praying that everything will be ok and I'll get accepted as a new Game Designer there.
Even if I thought that lately everything is just fine at my job...it seems not...well there's this "character" in France, he's an HQ Producer, a very profesional one but he's having a BIIIIIG problem with attitude.
He gave us some bad feedback on a project..the studio manager also got this negative feedback and this ignited a bad atmosphere and tension in my department. How come he doesn't get any of the congrats but only the bad things? Hmmm! Anyway the rest of the producer's in France are very cool, we work very well and effective together but this guy is a pain in the ass. For real! Hoping to get my Game Designer job asap so I'll get rid of him and his attitude (that will not really happen cause I'll have to work with him again but...I'll have another rank then and it's gonna be harder to kick my ass anytime he wants).

InDebara.ro - MMOG
The game we bought some time ago is working well, the players are satisfied by the new features and we're already preparing some new goodies for the next age. The cheaters are giving us some bad headaches but we're catching them sooner or later and the game's balance is fixed. We've just moved the hosting in Romania since the speed with the server in the States was soooo low and the game often crashed due to the small bandwidth and too many simultanous connections. Now it seems to work fine. Since Vlad is on a vacation in Europe... we've kinda let it chill until his comeback. Gonna start dev it again as soon as he gets back.