25 March, 2007

Blah! March 25th Rebirth!

Busy as always so no such free time to post here.
Anyway, let me tell you the latest noticeable news around my gamer life.
@Home: So, I've got myself an Xbox 360 gaming console which made me very happy and busy for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately I've got no time to play since I've already started working at one of the most expected games of 2007.
So, I've played Gears Of War like an addict, finished it twice and now I'm filling my time with Lost Planet. I had bigger expectations regarding Lost Planet...but let's say it's an enjoyable game. There is no comparison between Gears Of War and Lost Planet.
I'm waiting for the next weekend so I can play God of War 2 on my PS2. By the way, I've added a bunch of PS2 games in my collection and as always I've got no time to play them... This is really frustrating anyway.
@Job: Once again, working at an undisclosed project at Gameloft, a very challenging one though. This is a new franchise in development and we're working on the Nintendo DS version of the game. I cannot tell you more about this for now. Sorry, always wanted to start a Dev Diary on my current project but it's always confidential and I can't.

Talk to you guys soon enough. I'll go watch a very hyped movie, 300. Let's hope it will match my expectations.
Cheers to you all!