19 October, 2010

Get Commandos Complete for only 2 pounds!

Commandos Complete for only 2 quids @ GetGamesGo?
Sounds too good to be true!
This is not a good budget deal, this is a must buy deal!
A tribute for all the WW2 theme fans out there and not only because any gamer should play this excellent series.
The pack consists of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, expansion pack Beyond the Call of Duty, and sequels Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin and Commandos: Strike Force.
"Okay guys! This group of allied soldiers has been isolated from their squad. Let's see if we can offer them a hand... Or, a knife!" Jack O'Hara
You can buy the pack from GetGamesGo.com 

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