21 October, 2010

God of War Collection Conquers PSN Nov. 2

Kratos strikes again with vengeance! God Of War 1 and God Of War 2 will be both available to download on the Playstation Store on Nov 2!
Any gamer out there should play this remastered epic adventure and experience one of the best game combat systems in gorgeous 720p High Definition, 60 FPS.
Both games are Trophy enabled so this is a good opportunity to show off your gamer skills by earning some platinum trophies and complete the series.
The main difference between the disc version and the downloadable one is the missing bonus content which was featured on the Blu-Ray edition.
Sony is listing the GoW Collection PSN pack at 29.99 EUR / 23.99 GBP (both games) and 17.99 EUR / 13.99 GBP for a single edition.
News provided by EpicBattleAxe.

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